Sustainable Wednesday Blog Series Between 6.4.–18.5. Highlights Sustainable Development Work at Humak and Other Universities

Piirrettyjä eri värisiä ja erilaisia kukkia kasvaa maassa.

Humak is launching a new blog series called Sustainability Wednesday on April 6, 2022, which will be published on Humak’s website as its own blog series. During the spring, we will publish blog posts related to the consideration of sustainable development in Humak’s teaching and training, RDI work, and the areas of management and personnel competence. A total of six blog posts will be published between April 6 and May 18, 2022.

Universities of Applied Sciences are committed to the Rector’s Conference of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences Arene‘s program for sustainable development and responsibility. The common goal of universities of applied sciences is to be sustainable, responsible and carbon neutral by 2030. This blog series elaborates on how Humak takes into account the principles of sustainable development in the areas of education, RDI work as well as management and personnel competence from an ecological, social and cultural point of view.

-“Building a sustainable world is the most important challenge for society in the near future,” says Timo Parkkola, Humak’s Director of Education. “As a nationwide university of applied sciences, Humak has a good chance of producing sustainable solutions at the forefront of higher education institutions. Each and every one at Humak is needed to build these solutions.”

Additionally, the sustainable development program involves an annual calculation of our carbon footprint, through which Humak strives to reduce its own impact on the climate. In the blog series, we also present the basics of the calculation and the evolution of Humak’s carbon footprint.

The authors of the blog series are Timo Parkkola, Director of Education in charge of the sustainable development work at Humak; Päivi Marjanen, Director of Education; Anna Mattila, Service Director; Titta Pohjanmäki, Education Manager; Johanna Henriksson, Education Coordinator; and Mari Eloniemi, HR Specialist.

Sustainable Wednesday, Towards a carbon neutral Humak 2030.

Blog posts will be published about once a week on Wednesdays until May 2022. In the first part, we discuss the starting points for sustainable development and what kind of ideas the topic evokes in Humak’s personnel.

Schedule and Topics

• 6.4. Part 1: Towards a More Sustainable and Responsible Humak (Timo Parkkola, Titta Pohjanmäki, Johanna Henriksson)
• 13.4. Part 2: Building a Carbon Neutral Humak (Titta Pohjanmäki, Johanna Henriksson)
• 20.4. Part 3: RDI Work as a Builder of a Sustainable World (Timo Parkkola)
• 27.4. Part 4: Sustainable Development in Evolving Curricula (Päivi Marjanen)
• 11.5. Part 5: Personnel as Promoters of Sustainable Development and Responsibility (Anna Mattila)
• 18.5. Part 6: Move Around the World Campaign (Mari Eloniemi)

Links to the blog posts will be added to the schedule above as they are published.

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Translation: Mari Ervasti