INternational and OUTstanding

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INternational and OUTstanding is a short book about the international affairs at Humak University of Applied Sciences. The articles focus on the international work done in the Degree Programme in Civic Activities and Youth Work and they are written by senior lecturers involved in international affairs within the degree programme.

The most popular form of international activities in higher educational institutions is to support and facilitate student mobility and especially the student exchange within the Erasmus+ programme. With the short book we would like to broaden this perspective: We noticed that at Humak we have variable international activities running constantly. We wanted to share our expertise and some of our experiences in this work field.

Find out about the diverse work of international contact persons working in different regional centres and campuses, the international opportunities for the students and the staff, and how the international cooperation works for improving the study field and quality of studies.

INternational and OUTstanding

A Short Book about International Affairs at Humak University of Applied Sciences in Degree Programme in Civic Activities and Youth Work. Hanna-Kaisa Hokkanen & Sari Höylä (ed.). Humak University of Applied Sciences Publications, Helsinki 2015. ISBN 978-952-456-224-9 (printed), ISBN 978-952-456-225-6 (online), ISSN 2343-0664 (printed), ISSN 2343-0672 (online)