“Multilingual Monday” Blog Series Between 28.2.-9.5. Introduces the World of Multilingualism and Multiculturalism

Kaksi piirrettyä hahmoa keskustelee iloisesti ja pitää käsissään suuria puhekuplia. Taustalla lentää lintu, jonka suusta tulee puhekupla

On Monday 28.2., Humak’s focus area of Interpreting and Linguistic Accessibility is launching a new blog series called Multilingual Monday. During the spring, several blog posts will be published on topics related to multilingualism and multiculturalism. The posts will be published on Humak’s website between February 28 and May 9, 2022. Some of the blog posts come with videos that are meant to complement the text.

The purpose of the Multilingual Monday blog series is to introduce the reader to the fascinating world of multilingualism and multiculturalism. We live in an increasingly international society where multilingualism and multiculturalism are becoming the new norm. However, many of the phenomena associated with these topics are still unknown to many.

The blog series is for all of those who wish to learn more about this fascinating and very current topic.

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The blog series examines multilingualism and multiculturalism specifically from four different perspectives: linguistic and cultural repertoire, linguistic and cultural landscape, the connection between language and culture, and the identity of a multilingual person.

The first part of the blog series includes an overview of multilingualism and multiculturalism. The topics are examined in a variety of ways from the perspective of each writer’s own language expertise. The blog series has been written by Humak’s experts in Interpreting and Linguistic Accessibility as well as language and linguistics. In addition, representatives of regional TalentHub services and Humak’s International Coordinator Hoda Saastamoinen have been invited to participate as writers.

The blog series is compiled by Lena Segler-Heikkilä, who is a Principal Lecturer of Interpreting and Linguistic Accessibility at Humak. She has a German-Finnish background and she begins the blog series with a general overview complemented by a lot of German-Finnish examples. After her university studies in Germany, Lena moved to Finland, where she has now lived for more than twenty years.

Schedule and Topics for 28.2.-9.5.2022

28.2. Multilingualism and Multiculturalism as a Phenomenon (Lena Segler-Heikkilä, blog and video)

7.3. Linguistic Repertoire From the Perspective of a Multilingual Person (Lena Segler-Heikkilä, blog)

14.3. Thoughts on Language and Multilingualism (Zita Kóbor-Laitinen, blog)

21.3. Connection Between Language, Nonverbal Communication and Culture (Lena Segler-Heikkilä, blog)

28.3. Multilingual Life Stories: Humak Interpreting Students as Interviewers (Zita Kóbor-Laitinen, blog)

4.4. Changes in Language Relations and Responding to Them in Finland (Päivi Rainò, blog)

11.4. Consideration of Multilingualism in Workplace Communication (Lena Segler-Heikkilä, blog)

25.4. Versalite Interpreting for Different Client Groups in Studies (Outi Kuvaja, blog)

2.5. Multilingualism From the Perspective of Study Counseling (Hanna Putkonen-Kankaanpää, blog)

9.5. Integration Into a New Homeland and a Change of Perspective as a Returnee (Jarmo Röksä, blog)

(Schedule updated 14.4.2022)

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Read more about the topic:

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Text: Lena Segler-Heikkilä

Translation: Mari Ervasti