Becoming an entrepreneur in Finland

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Niina Autiomäki, Irina Erlamo, Jenny Honka, Iina-Maria Piilinen, Anna Pikala, Emilia Reponen, Satu Riikonen, Markus Suomi, Hanna Tarvainen 

Becoming an entrepreneur in Finland 

In this Becoming an entrepreneur in Finland -guide book, you will learn about entrepreneurship in Finland. You will get a chance to develop your own idea and reflect upon issues related to me as an entrepreneur, business idea, costumers, products and services, profitability and pricing, competitors and operating environment, sales and marketing, economic planning, taxation and accounting, permits and insurance, company forms and business plan.

After reading this guide book, you will have all the information you need about taxes, different company forms, necessary permits for setting up a business and types of insurance. 

This guide includes 11 sections. Each section contains information related to entrepreneurship, including a ‘Finnish Context’ information section. 

The book includes a variety of exercises. The exercises will deepen your skills as they cover the most important aspects of entrepreneurship. 

The content includes also several links to videos, some of which are subtitled in different languages. 

This guide book is related to Tempos How to become an entrepreneur in Finland – web course which is funded by the European Social Funds (ESF). Read more about the web course and join in:

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ISBN 978-952-456-410-6
ISSN 2343-0664 (printed)
ISSN 2343-0672 (online)  

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