Satu Lautamäki & Oona Tikkaoja (eds.) Planning and Creating Virtual Events

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Planning and Creating Virtual Events

Experiences, Economics and Technical Solutions

Planning and Creating Virtual Events is a practical handbook aimed to help to recognize and solve the central questions in virtual event management. It is a result of an EU project Vevent – Boosting the Virtual Event Industry, which took place 2021-2022. In the project, the participating universities of applied sciences (Arcada, Humak, Metropolia and SeAMK) conducted practical experiments on virtual event production and gathered knowledge through close discussion with experts in XR technologies and virtual event management. For that reason, this handbook offers practical tips and tricks side by side with more theoretical research.

The book includes four sections, the first of which focuses on how virtual events can be experienced and produced, with some examples of platforms and case studies. The second part examines the technical side of virtual productions, that is, the technical equipment and competences needed, also offering insights on how to teach in virtual reality. The third section of the book takes a closer look at the economic realities of virtual events: what are the possible cost categories? How can virtual events be monetized? And what lessons can be learned from e-sports, consumer buying behavior and agreements? The fourth and final part of the book looks at the future, for instance, what is and will be provided in Metaverse and Art Metaverse and other possible future foresights.

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Planning and Creating Virtual Events:

Lautamäki, Satu & Tikkaoja, Oona (editors)

Experiences, Economics and Technical Solutions

ISBN 978-952-456-418-2
ISSN 2343-0664 (printed)
ISSN 2343-0672 (online) 

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