Humak has 1700 students who study full-time at our campuses, complete their studies as multiform learning while working, or completely as online studies. We’ve also got thousands of Open UAS students who have taken pathway studies leading to degree studies, or wish to deepen their knowledge with single courses or study modules offered through Open UAS.

Please, note that at the current moment Humak has TWO degree programmes in English:

Application period for Bachelor of Adventure and Outdoor Education is annually in January.

Application period for EUMASLI is announced in study programmes’ webpage.

Humak’s degree programmes in general

At Humak you can complete studies leading to Bachelor’s or Master’s level degrees.

Please note that the studies are carried mostly in Finnish, except the two programmes mentioned above. They are suitable only for the persons mastering the Finnish language.

  • Community Education prepares students to work as professionals in the fields of youth work, NGO work, workplace community development and adventure and outdoor education.
  • Cultural Management prepares students to work as professionals in the fields of production and project management and entrepreneurship in creative industries.
  • Interpreting and Accessibility prepares students to work as sign language interpreters or AAC interpreters and instructors.

According to our findings Humak graduates are satisfied with their degree. Humak trains students in communal and human-centric professions. Humak’s values of equality, communality and individualism are reflected in everything we do.

Studying at a university of applied sciences is practical and close to working life. During studies it’s possible to integrate tasks given by working life partners as part of your degree. Students looking to complete master’s degrees must have at least two years of prior experience in an applicable field (after completing a bachelor’s degree). Chosen students often have a development project for their organisation that they further during their master’s degree studies.

Humak Admissions Office:

Phone service: 

  • Office hours: 9.00-11.00 ja 13.00-15.00.
  • Office hours subject to change
  • Note: phone answering service not in use

tel.: +358 29 451 9300
Mail address: Humak hakijapalvelut, Ilkantie 4, 00400 Helsinki;
Visiting address: Ilkantie 4, 00400 Helsinki (C-wing, C2.35)
Chat: During the joint application period you can reach us via the web chat service on our website.

Open UAS Services

Humak offers a variety of options for developing professional skills in Open UAS. You can choose from pathway studies leading up to degree studies, single courses or varied study modules. Open UAS studies are available to all regardless of previous study background.

Contact information

Email: avoinamk(at)
Registration: Open UAS store

Full-time, Multiform or Online Studies?

Full-time studies are most suited for students who wish to study full-time on weekdays. Applying for studies does not require previous studies or work experience in the field. Studies familiarise you with the basics of the field. Studies include basic and professional studies as well as internships and a thesis.

Multiform studies in bachelor’s degrees are suited for those who are currently working and are unable to attend full-time studies on weekdays. The studies are composed of separately announced contact teaching days / weeks and independent studying.

Online studies include interactive webinars, group and independent studies and internships in authentic environments. Studies are completed online in Humak’s digital campus, excluding some contact teaching days in Helsinki at the beginning of studies, thus studies can be completed anywhere.

Study selection and applying

International Studies and Internships Abroad

Humak encourages its students to take part in international mobility. Humak has a wide university network in Europa and all around the globe.

Alternative ways to apply for international studies:

  • international student exchange
  • internships abroad
  • study excursions abroad together with other students
  • organising international events
  • international research and development projects

Examples of international learning environments in Finland

  • working and tutoring with exchange students
  • attending lectures organised by international guest in universities
  • working in multicultural groups
  • choosing international studies