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Joint application

Next application period is 4.1. – 18.1.2023 (ends at 15.00 EET.)

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The next application period for the study programme Community Educator, Adventure and Outdoor Education (Bachelor of Humanities) is 4.1. – 18.1.2023 (ends at 15.00 EET). Application information is available on Studyinfo (will be updated 09/2022).
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Bachelor’s degree eligibility is attained by general bachelor’s degree eligibility. Master’s degree eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis (applicable education background and two years of working experience).

General eligibility for bachelor’s degree studies:

  • a Finnish grammar school diploma
  • International bachelor’s degree (IB)
  • European bachelor’s degree (EB)
  • Reifeprüfung (RP) or Deutsche Internationale Abitur degree (DIA)
  • 120 study weeks or a Finnish vocational upper secondary qualification worth 180 competence points or a comparable Finnish vocational degree of 80 study weeks or more.
  • a Finnish bachelor’s degree
  • a Finnish vocational competence-based qualification basic exam, vocational qualification, a specialist vocational qualification or a comparable previous qualification, or
  • a qualification attained in another country besides Finland that grants eligibility to bachelor’s degree studies in the country in question

If you are not eligible based on your previous qualifications, you can still apply to study in the joint application with a discretion based degree by selecting other eligibility during the application. Discretion based application is not used in master’s degree studies or foreign language studies.

An applicant must also send the relevant attachments to Humak’s admissions services. Discretion based application is only directed towards eligibility.

Student Admissions

UAS Student Admissions Renewal

UAS Student admissions were renewed during spring 2020. Universities of applied sciences started using degree-based admissions during the spring 2020 joint application period, which is based on basic examination and matricular examination scores. Certificate-based admission became the main way of application into universities of applied sciences since spring 2020. The majority of starting positions are reserved for students applying for the first time.

Entrance exams are still used as a secondary admission method. The joint UAS entrance exams unify admission methods across different fields. Students can now apply for several different fields and universities.

Degree-based Admission

Starting spring 2020, Humak chooses over half its students based on matricular examination scores and vocational upper secondary degree scores. Applicants don’t need to attend an entrance exam if they are selected through degree-based admissions. An applicant needs to attend an entrance exam if they wish to apply to study in a higher priority study spot than they were selected for. Note that degree-based admissions in Humak are used in all Finnish language degrees except for Cultural Manager and master’s level degrees.

UAS Entrance Exam

The university of applied sciences entrance examination is a joint digital entrance exam. Registration for the bachelor’s degree entrance examination is done in the joint application form. The applicant selects the place and time of the UAS entrance exam from the options indicated in the application form. The entrance exam can be taken at any university of applied sciences where the bachelor’s entrance examination is in use and where there are vacancies in the entrance examination events.

UAS entrance exams are completed in one pass, regardless of how many sections the entrance exam has. The UAS entrance exam has both sections common to all applicants and separate sections for different fields of study. Common sections test decision-making, language and communication skills. Entrance exams in the humanistic fields also assesses ethical skills.

First Time Applicant Quotas and Degree-based Admission

80% of the starting places for the daily bachelor’s degree implementations for Community Educator, Cultural Manager and Interpreter are reserved for first-time students. 50% of students are admitted to community educator and interpreter training directly through degree-based selection. Degree based selection is not used in cultural manager and master’s degree applications.

You are applying for your first higher education degree, i.e. for the first time, if

  • you have not completed a UAS or university degree in accordance with the Finnish education system
  • you have not received a place of study leading to a UAS or university degree from an education that began in the fall of 2014 or later.

You are not a first timer

  • if you have already completed a Finnish UAS or university degree or
  • you have accepted a place of study leading to a university degree from an education that began in the fall of 2014 or later.

The places not reserved for first time applicants will be filled according to the selection criteria in order of priority among first time applicants and other applicants.

Messutilaisuus, paljon ihmisiä kiertämässä messupöytiä aulassa.

Accessible Student Selection – Individual Arrangements for the Bachelor’s Entrance Examination

You can apply for individual arrangements in the UAS entrance exam with a separate application. Applications are submitted to the UAS where you have registered to take the entrance examination. The application must be accompanied by a copy of a certificate or statement (e.g. a medical certificate) showing the justification for the individual arrangements.

Documents submitted by the applicant will be kept at Humak University of Applied Sciences until the end of the appeal period for student decisions, after which the documents will be destroyed. All information provided by the applicant will be treated in the strictest confidence and will be accessed by persons designated by Humak’s applicant services for to their duties. The information will not be passed on to other universities or third parties.

Prerequisites for Student Health and Functionality

Studies in humanities and education, interpreter and community pedagogy include working with minors and various client groups, in which case ethical and client safety requirements are central. Studying and working in the profession requires adequate physical, mental and social functioning. Studies in our community educator degree programme focused on adventure and outdoor education require adequate physical and mental states for the activity-based nature of the studies. Suitability is assessed throughout the studies.

Correction Procedure

If you do not think that the student selection has been made in accordance with the selection criteria, first contact Humak’s applicant services. The actual request for correction must be made within 14 days of the publication of the result of the student selection.

Accepting Your Place to Study

The results of the selection will be sent by e-mail. Students register for the academic year electronically. If the applicant receives a place from reserves, this will also be announced by e-mail.

One Study Spot Rule for Higher Education

An applicant may accept only one higher education spot for the starting semester. An applicant may have more than one degree right to a higher education, but places of study must or must have been accepted at different semesters.

One Study Spot Rule.

Starting Your Studies

Information regarding your studies can be found from Humak’s wiki.

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