Contact Our Communications Team

Piirretty videon latauspalkki.

One Address for the Whole Communications Team

You can reach Humak’s communications team by email at Humak’s communications and marketing is handled by communications manager Jarmo Röksä and designer Marika Stam. The team also includes communications assistant Emilia Reponen.

Humak’s Graphical Instructions and Logos

Humak’s graphical style was renewed in the spring and winter of 2021. Additionally we also renewed our logo. If you want to order our logo, you can request it by email at

Humak in Social Media

Humak’s main social media channels are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

We also are active on LinkedIn and TikTok.

Our website serves as Humak’s main communication and publishing channel. Here you will find our expert blogs and publications.

Photo Requests

Photo requests are to be sent to The images on our website can be used freely for journalistic purposes, but we hope you will mention the Humak University of Applied Sciences as the image source. The name of the graph is mentioned in the metadata of the web images under “Description”.

Contact Information and Interview Requests

If you want to reach Humak experts or have a request for information, contact or

Jarmo Röksä
Communications manager
num. 0400 349 333