More than 5,600 professionals in their fields have graduated from Humak. Alumni form an ever-growing network of professionals with whom we collaborate in many ways. They and the organisations they represent are involved in our RDI projects and they act as a connection between our students and working life. Lecturer visits, internships, theses and studies in our courses are examples of this.

Close collaboration provides alumni with the opportunity to stay better informed as education and research evolve. In alumni activities, you are involved in a network where you can participate in the development work of your own industry.

Many of our staff members are alumni graduated from Humak. We always give tips on our new jobs on LinkedIn, which is our alumni news channel.

Evolving Alumni Collaboration

Our alumni activities have become more visible. We organize regular online events, alumni meetings and development days. In our newsletter, we share alumni news and in Facebook we share event information and interesting job opportunities. As our alumni, you can pick up a new alumni pin for yourself, either from our events or from the nearest campus. In February, we invited all Humak alumni to participate by establishing a new alumni register. If you are an alumni of ours, you can log in to the service and tell about yourself (the link opens the alumni register service).

Alumni News on LinkedIn

We use websites, LinkedIn and newsletters as the primary channels of communication for our alumni. When completing your LinkedIn profile, be sure to add your degree to LinkedIn, see that you are linking it to Humak’s university page.

Connect with Humak on LinkedIn. From there, you can see in which fields and in which organizations Humak graduates work. Maybe you can find a partner or your future job there? Join today!

Subscribe to the Alumni Newsletter

We will send a newsletter to all subscribers on the alumni register. There we’ll talk about current alumni events, the affiliations of other alumni, and upcoming trainings that are of interest to our alumni. Remember that alumni always receive a 50% discount on open university studies.

Become an Expert and a Mentor

If you want to act as a mentor or otherwise cooperate with us, update your knowledge and skills and tell us you’d like to co-operate with us by updating your information in the alumni register.

You can advertise internships and other projects in our Jobs service.

Alumni activities are for everyone. Alumni provide our students with a fresh and up-to-date view of current trends in working life and what skills are required of students as future professionals.

Career and Recruitment Events

Humak actively participates in various career and recruitment events. We also organize regional career and alumni events where students, alumni and partners meet. Come chat with us and get your alumni pin.

The most significant event in the Helsinki metropolitan area is the career and alumni event Hurrikaani, held in spring. Practical arrangements are still maintained in collaboration with students, lecturers and alumni. Hurrikaani is a good place to market our own organization and internship opportunities to our students.

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