Master's Level Community Education

Pitkähiuksinen piirretty hahmo seisoo korokkeella ja kastelee kastelukannulla erilaisia kukkasia.

Master’s Degree is offered in Finnish only.

The focus of the Community Educator (master’s) is in community development. Community Educator is a master’s degree that promotes your career and raises your salary level. The degree programme prepares professionals in the field to perform demanding management and development tasks in various communities. It also equips you to operate in international and multicultural environments.

You can apply for the programme after gaining two years of work experience after completing a bachelor’s degree.

Graduates have the professional skills and methods to develop their own work and the industry more broadly. Applicants often have close connections with working life and during your time studying there is an opportunity to develop the activities of your own organization in the development task included in the studies. Applicants for this degree programme work in youth work, field of organizations or in companies in personnel positions.

Degree Title and Duration of Studies

The scope of the degree in Community Education (Master’s Degree) is 90 ECTS and the planned duration of studies is 1.5 years (three semesters). The language of instruction is Finnish.

Teaching Method and Contact Teaching Days

The degree programme includes only a few contact teaching days. In addition to these, the studies consist of webinars, independent work and work done in small groups as well as working on your master’s thesis. Some of the courses are organized in cooperation with the master’s degree programme in cultural management.

Content of Education

The emphasis in the training is on the research and development approach based on the development challenges of working life and the field. This means an opportunity for the wider development of one’s own work and industry, as well as for the evaluation of changes in working life.

The education offers an alternative based on a university degree that differs from a university degree.

The main contents of the education are

  • community development
  • production services
  • workplace development and development methods
  • pedagogical competence
  • communication and interaction
  • international work and operating environment
  • research method studies and thesis studies

Working Life

The degree provides qualifications for positions where the eligibility requirement is a master’s degree.

Those who have attended the training program have

  • the opportunity to apply for and work in demanding management and development positions in various communities
  • ability to operate in international and multicultural environments
  • professional skills and methods for developing one’s own work and for the wider development of the industry

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