Adventure Education (Bachelor)

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Adventure and Outdoor Education
(Community Educator, Bachelor of Humanities, 210 ECTS)

The community educator studies train specialists in adventure and outdoor education. Adventure and outdoor education is based on experiential and activity-based learning methodology and aims at supporting the growth, development, well-being and agency of individuals, groups and communities.

As the basis of the studies is a multidisciplinary theoretical framework, which is put into practice in versatile authentic learning environments, such as lakes, the sea, forests, and in the fells and wilderness of Lapland. During the studies, students learn to plan and carry out safe adventure educational processes for different target groups and to evaluate and develop adventure educational activities.

The degree programme in Adventure and Outdoor Education provides students with a wide range of skills for employment as a professional in the diverse area of adventure and outdoor education. After graduation, students have multiple employment opportunities within the different sectors of national and international working environments. Community educators with adventure educational orientation can be employed e.g. in the field of youth work, organizational work, education and training, well-being services, or nature- and adventure-based entrepreneurship.

Next Application Period

The next application period of the study programme is 4.1. – 18.1.2023 (ends at 15.00 EET). Application information is available on Studyinfo.

Basic information

  • Campus location: Helsinki (Ilkantie 4, 00400 HELSINKI)
  • Studies begin: September.
  • Language of instruction: English.
  • Teaching time: Day-time teaching.
  • Mode of teaching: Contact teaching
  • Form of learning:  Experiential learning, Coaching, Individual learning, Supervised internships, Work-based learning.
  • Extent of the study program: 210 ECTS credits, see Curriculum, effective from Autumn semester 2023.
  • Planned duration: 3.5 years, including summer semesters.
  • Tuition fees: charged from students coming outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland area, 9000 euros / study year. EU/EEA area and Swiss citizens are not subject to the charge (see Tuition Fees).
  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Humanities (BH, in Finnish yhteisöpedagogi (AMK))

Career opportunities

The studies in community education with adventure educational orientation coach the students towards the mastery of the variety of skills needed in the professional field of community and adventure education. Students acquire the essential principles and practices of preventive work and well-being promotion and familiarize themselves with the different forms of action within communities and society at large.

During the studies, students acquire pedagogical, social, technical, environmental and safety skills and are also prepared for entrepreneurship. Practical training periods and collaboration with working life are an essential part of developing the community skills and adventure educational competences of the students. See also learning environments

The methods of adventure and outdoor education can be applied in various environments and contexts with different target groups, in different sectors of society. Adventure education can be applied e.g. in the areas of preventive work, youth and NGO work, education and training, and nature- and adventure-based entrepreneurship. In addition, depending on the students’ own interests and specialization, they may choose to work as instructors in e.g. kayaking, trekking, rock climbing and skiing.

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