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Submitting notices to Humak students is a free service that Humak provides for workplaces. Students will see your internship offer in Tuudo, which is a student mobile service for university use.

Through Tuudo, you can offer not only jobs and internships, but also smaller study assignments or larger thesis projects. The service can be found at

Humak’s fields of study are youth work, organizational work, adventure education, work community development, cultural production and project management, interpretation of sign languages, as well as interpreting for the disabled and communication guidance. The Jobs and Internships section is popular among students. With your ad, you can reach up to 1,700 potential future professionals in your fields by submitting an ad through Tuudo’s service.

Instructions for submitting a notification:

  • Create an account for the service.
  • Fill in your organization’s basic information and save it. Upload a logo, write a brief description of your organization, contact information, and website address. The logo is not mandatory, but it will improve the visibility of your advertisement on our service.
  • Once your notice is complete the data is saved. You can use it when you submit new notifications to the service.
  • Create your ad. You can select the desired level of the work (internship, job, summer job, project, thesis, volunteer work, etc.), place of work, duration and validity of the advertisement from the menu. By default, the job advertisement remains in the service for a maximum of three months, but can be renewed if desired.
  • Select the field of study and the skills required of the applicant. You can target a notification to a student in a specific field or to everyone. You can also select required skills and knowledge from a predefined list (language skills, driving license, etc.). This will speed up the submission of the notification.
  • There is no limit to the number of notifications. You can use your old notifications as a basis for new notifications, as they will remain stored on the service.
  • Once you have saved your report, our focus areas will review it for the necessary information and publish it to our Career service if it meets the required criteria. If for any reason it is not accepted, the reason will be stated on the service.
  • Humak’s internship is flexible for both the workplace and the student. For Humak students, internships are possible throughout the year and are not tied to specific periods. The internship can be flexible according to the needs of the project, e.g. part-time.
  • Once an intern is found, you will be directed to a service where you will find documents related to your internship. The documents are needed when Humak, the internship place and the student agree together on the objectives, work tasks and possible fees to be paid to the student during the internship. Feedback to the trainee after the assignment is also important.

How long can internships be?

Generally, one 10 ECTS internship usually lasts 5 to 6 weeks. Internships can also be combined for longer periods.

The student can be in internship all year round and also during summer. Every year, dozens of students from our school’s European partner universities also study at Humak. They can also complete their studies as an internship in Finnish organisations.

We recommend paying a salary or a fee to the trainee. This will improve your chances of finding a motivated trainee.

What kind of work do trainees do?

At the beginning of the studies, the main emphasis of the internship is on getting to know working life and the profession. At the end of the studies, the focus is on more demanding and independent work tasks. All internships also include topic familiarisation from a theoretical perspective by using the relevant literature to analyse and evaluate of work assignments.

What is required of the workplace?

The workplace must have a responsible person appointed for the trainee, i.e., the traineeship supervisor, who acts as a guide for the student throughout the traineeship. The workplace representative receives instructions from Humak for this guidance. At the end of the course, the trainee will receive written and oral feedback from the instructor.

Successful internship requires the cooperation of the workplace, the student and the university of applied sciences. The goals of the internship are recorded in the internship agreement, which is concluded before starting work. In the same context, an internship plan will also be approved.

More Information

Head of Education Reijo Viitanen
+358 400 349 265

Focus are contact personnel:


  • Cultural Management
    Head of Education Katri Kaalikoski
    +358 50 4119 606
  • Interpreting
    Head of Education Tytti Koslonen
    +358 400 349 331
  • Community Education
    Head of Education Reijo Viitanen
    +358 400 349 265
  • Team Leader, Languages and International Affairs Kim Lindblad
    +358 400 349 279

Documents Related to Internships

These documents become relevant when you have found an intern for the job. The Internship Manual explains the general principles and practices of Humak internships. The rest are forms related to the internships itself. They can be found in the list below in Finnish and English.

The contract is filled out with the student before the start of the internship. It also requires the signature of a representative of the educational institution. The feedback form is filled in immediately after the end of the internship.

Links to Documents