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Our research, development and innovation activity produces efficient solutions and innovations that benefit our fields of activity and can be applied nationwide, and renew our training. We create innovation platforms that enable joint development. Part of the process is our students’ active involvement to the RDI projects but also tasks provided to us by our partners.

Humak is among the Top 5 universities of applied sciences in attractiveness. Humak is a strong and innovative university. Europe’s largest youth work educator has also evolved into a strong, international RDI operator. We are an internationally significant developer of communities and integration, conveyance of culture and the interpreting sector.

Humanistisen ammattikorkeakoulun toimipisteet.
Various Humak locations in different parts of Finland.

Humak’s coaching pedagogy has been developed with partners from the business life as a common, digital learning process. Our operations enhance social wellbeing and justice.

If you have a project to suggest to our students, or work placement, please fill put the following form and send it to us. We’ll provide the information for our students.