A New Article Collection on Adventure Education

Kuvassa talvinen ja aurinkoinen maisema, kuvan etualalla puita lumen peitossa ja taustalla vuoristoa.

‘’Outdoor Adventure Education in Finland – pedagogical and didactic perspectives’’ sheds light on the theory and practice of outdoor adventure education. The book was edited by Seppo J.A. Karppinen, Maarit Marttila, and Anita Saaranen-Kauppinen.

The focus of the article collection is on the pedagogics and didactics (theories of education and teaching) of outdoor adventure education, both from a general and a Finnish perspective. The aim of the collection is to provide readers with tools to examine the basis for outdoor adventure education and its practical planning and implementation.

The article collection seeks to clarify and promote the theory and practice of experiential learning in the varied pedagogical processes of outdoor adventure education. This will help educators and instructors carry out outdoor adventure education in a goal-oriented and safe manner.

Articles in two languages 

The book includes articles on adventure education from 23 authors. Some of the articles are written in English to cater to international readers; some are mainly addressed to the Finnish audience. All articles are also summarized in the other language.

Some of the English-language articles have been written by British, American and Australian pedagogues and researchers with a special relationship with Finland and its nature, people and adventure education.

The articles in the collection also pay attention to the importance of outdoor adventure education on the development of individual well-being and health. Furthermore, they emphasize the individual’s attachment to place and relationship with nature, and promote ecologically sustainable human agency.

Kuvassa syksyinen auringonlasku vehreässä metsässä. Kuva Patrick Forsblom.

History, theory, and practice 

The book is divided into three parts.

The articles in the first part of the book focus on the history of Finnish outdoor adventure education, and the development and the current state of pedagogics and didactics. The articles lay the groundwork for Finnish outdoor adventure education and establish a basis for pedagogical and didactic questions.

The second part digs deeper into the essential questions of the pedagogics and didactics of outdoor adventure education. The articles shed light on the presumptions and principles associated with outdoor adventure education. They also elaborate on the usefulness of adventure education and how it can be instructed and taught in practice.

Part three emphasizes the practical methods and didactic applications for various age groups, contexts and application areas. The writers of the articles have extensive experience in teaching and instructing outdoor adventure education. Thus, the articles thus provide an array of approaches and methods that have proved useful in practice.

Photos: Patrick Forsblom.

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The 2020 application period for the adventure and outdoor education Bachelor’s degree programme has ended. The next application period begins in January 2021 (the date will be announced later).

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