New Masters’ Level Study Module: Experiential and Adventure Education 15 ECTS

Humak’s new international master’s level study module, Experiential and Adventure Education (15 ECTS), starts in January 2023. The module consists of three online courses during the spring 2023, each of them 5 ECTS. You can enroll for the whole module or take courses separately.

The study module addresses the theories, methodologies, and implementation of experiential learning and adventure education. Students learn to develop, reflect and evaluate experiential learning and adventure education in the context of working life.

The courses within the study module has been designed and will be implemented in cooperation with Finnish and international partners and networks, especially with Outward Bound Finland (OBF).

Target group

The module suits well for students and professionals in youth work, NGO work, education and schooling, rehabilitation, social work, and sports and physical education who wish to strengthen their theoretical and research and development competence in experiential learning and adventure education. It also suits for the students and professionals within the fields of business, tourism, and sports, leisure and recreation.


The module will be organized in English; the participants should be willing to listen, read, write and speak English. A bachelor’s degree or previous bachelor level studies are recommended. The module does not require a community educator/adventure education degree or study modules; however, these might prove useful.

Students in a circle pulling a row towards themshelves.
Humak’s  Students practising ice breaker game.

The courses in Experiential and Adventure Education Study Module

Experiential learning and society 5 ECTS

The aim of this course is to increase the understanding of the theoretical framework of experiential learning and experiential and adventure education as well as their practical starting points and principles. The course focuses on current discussions and research, and the relevance, meaning and opportunities of experiential learning and adventure education. The participants of the course explore the relevance of experiential learning and adventure education in contemporary societies.

Experiential learning and adventure education in pedagogical development 5 ECTS

The course provides the learners with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the possibilities of using experiential learning and adventure education in different professional and working life environments. During the course, the participants will develop their competence in pedagogical development work and reflection, and they will learn about current research and discussions on learning, competence, development, and growth.

Experience design and experiential learning 5 ECTS

This course sheds light on experience design and experiential learning in the fields of wellness, experience- and nature-based services and tourism. The participants of the course learn about human behaviour from the perspectives of experiencing and meaningful experiences. Special attention will be given to development work applying the knowledge base and methods of experiential learning and adventure education.

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