Learning Environments

Helsinki Campus

The students in the degree programme in adventure and outdoor education will be enrolled at Helsinki Campus. The campus moves to Helsinki in Summer 2023 and this makes it easier to reach great outdoor locations everywhere in the Southern Finland and rest of Finland. Helsinki is the best spot to come to live, stay and get work in Finland. The connections worldwide are excellent.

You are able to search housing possibilities from the Student Housing Foundations like HOAS or rent an apartment from the private market. It is recommended to start to look alternatives after you have received your study place in Humak.

Please take into account that during the first internship period in Lapland (see also Internships and First year learning environments below) housing is usually provided by the internship hosts.

The campus cafeteria serves warm lunch Monday to Friday. The cheap student meals are offered by student restaurants everywhere in Finland.

Free time activities

Helsinki and its surroundings offers great opportunities to free time activities.

Read more about studying in Finland.

Seikkailukasvatuksen opiskelijoita luokkahuoneessa ensiapukurssin teoriaosuudella.

Outdoor Classrooms

In addition to Helsinki campus and many indoor and outdoor sports sites, students are offered the possibility to conduct parts of the studies in various authentic outdoor classrooms in different locations in Finland and in Northern Scandinavia. The studies are carried out in lakes, sea, forests, and among the fells and wilderness in Lapland. The Nordic nature will offer a unique and authentic learning environment. Studying is an adventure in itself!

The three following learning environments and trips will be offered, and strongly recommended to all students even though the students participating in them will be charged a fee based on the travel costs. Students not willing to pay for the trips will be offered an alternative way of studying the contents. The tuition fee paid by students outside EU/EEA/Swiss area includes the costs for these trips.

1st year summer: Multiday sea kayaking trip, Ekenäs Archipelago National Park

2nd year spring: Multiday day winter camping and travelling, Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park

2nd year summer: Multiday winter and glacier travelling, Narvik Mountain Range, Norway


Through internships and practical training, students have a possibility to practice and develop their skills and knowledge in a workplace context. In Adventure and Outdoor Education at Humak UAS, the organizations for placements are principally selected by the staff members, in order to ensure the intended learning outcomes. Extended periods in a few selected organizations is preferred over multiple short periods at several different organizations.

Each internship is built on a strong partnership between Humak UAS and the selected organization, and is supervised and mentored by the representatives of both parties. During the internship periods, housing is usually (but not always) provided for interns.

The first internship period, which lasts approximately three months, will take place in Lapland, Northern Finland, in mid-winter. This internship offers the first year students a possibility to intern for some of the leading nature and adventure tourism companies in Finland, and to gain practical adventure and outdoor educational experience.

During the second year of studying, the aims of the internship period are related to adventure and outdoor education in youth and NGO work settings. Students familiarize themselves with different organizations, for example youth centers, in various locations in Finland. Students are also encouraged, and offered possibilities to conduct internships abroad.

Students are free to decide the location of their third internship based on their career interests and personal preferences. Moreover, students may conduct their final project (Bachelor’s thesis) in association with this last internship.

First-year Learning Environments

Please note that the dates and locations for the academic year 2023-2024 will be updated in the spring of 2023. You can read about the experiences of students on the Humak Adventure and Outdoor Education blog.

Example of the academic year 2022-2023: The programme (see also Study Contents) began at Nurmijärvi Campus on September 1st, 2022 at 9.15. Below you can find the outline (changes in schedule are possible) of where the studies were located during the first academic year:

1.–13.9.2022 Campus and its surroundings
14.9–27.9.2022 Äkäslompolo, Northern Finland
3.10–14.10.2022 Campus and its surroundings
17.–23.10.2022 Independent study period
24.10–18.11.2022 Campus and its surroundings
19.11.2022–28.2.2023 Internship, various places in Northern and Southern Finland
1.3–31.5.2023 Campus and its surroundings

More information regarding the summer semester will be provided later.