The research project: The Mobile Youth Work – Youth Work on the Wheels

Liikkuva nuorisotyö.

The aim in this research projects define the concept of mobile youth work and describe, evaluate and analyse the “Wauto”-work / Walkers on the Wheels work of the NGO Children of the Station (Aseman Lapset) as a youth work. The research phenomenon will look from the point of view of the youth workers and the youth who participate in this mobile action. In additional to field work data (observation and interviews) the data and remarks made by the mobile Wauto-action running NGO are also used. With the results of this study project will support the continuous development and the establishment of the mobile youth work concept.

Projectmanager Aino Tormulainen
Phone: +358400349335
Duration: 1.6.2021-31.3.2022
Partners: Nuorisotutkimusverkosto
Funder: The Ministry of Education and Culture
Budget: 98000

Toteuttajakumppanina Nuorisotutkimusverkosto.  Tutkimushankkeen rahoittaa Opetus- ja kulttuuriministeriö Hankkeen yhteistyökumppanina Aseman Lapset ry ja  Aseman Lapset ry:n Walkers On the Wheels -toiminta.