A New Master’s Level Adventure Education Study Module – Experiential Learning and Society 5 ECTS in January

Piirretty hahmo lentää ilmapalloilla.

You can now enroll for the new Experiential learning and society (5 ECTS) course that is starting in January. This English-language master’s level course providing experiential learning and methods of experiential and adventure education has just been added to our Open UAS selection. The experiential learning and society course is a part of the larger Experiential and Adventure Education (15 ECTS) study module.

Experiential Learning and Society (5 ECTS)  jump-starts Humak’s new Experiential and Adventure Education (15 ECTS) study module in January 2022. The other two 5 ECTS courses will be available later on in 2023. The courses can also be taken separately.

Experiential Learning from the Viewpoints of Experiential and Adventure Education

Experiential learning and society 5 ECTS aims to increase the understanding of the theoretical framework of experiential learning and experiential and adventure education as well as their practical starting points and principles.

The course familiarizes students with current questions, discussions, research, and development and shows the meaning, opportunities and adaptability of experiential learning and experiential and adventure education on various environments, professional fields and communities.

These master’s level studies of adventure education add to Humak’s already existing selection of  courses and modules to choose from.

– Experiential and Adventure Education 15 op (ECTS) is a continuation for the Adventure and Outdoor Education (Community Educator, Bachelor of Humanities) degree programme which was launched in 2018. It currently stands as the only available English-language community educator degree and it is the only degree of higher education focusing on adventure education in Finland, principal lecturer Anita Saaranen-Kauppinen says.

Kädet pöydällä ja kartta, suurenlasi, seikkailukasvatusteema.
Experiential learning and society 5 ECTS will be conducted online in spring 2022 as independent studies, group work, and webinars.

International Learning Environment – No Excessive Language Requirements

Courses part of the study module will be organized in English which enables an international learning environment. There are no excessive language proficiency requirements, it’s enough to be able to read, listen, write and speak in English.

Both Finnish and international viewpoints are examined in the studies. The implementations of the studies are created in cooperation with Finnish and international professionals, partners and networks.

The studies are organized in close cooperation with Outward Bound Finland (OBF) Outward Bound Finland is an international educational organization whose special expertise is adventurous pedagogy and experiential learning to support growth and development. Outward Bound Finland’s goal is to change the lives of individuals through challenges and our mission is to make the world more empathetic.

Online Studies Containing Webinars, Independent Studies and Group Work

The course is conducted as online studies. Experiential Learning and Society is organized 13.1.–31.3.2022.

There are four webinars on the course: on Thursdays 20.1., 10.2., 24.2., 17.3., at 13–16 EET. Attending the webinars is recommended.

In addition to the webinars, the studies also contain independent tasks and/or group work.

These Studies Can be Applied to Various Working Environments for Professionals of Many Fields

Adventure and experiential education is utilized for example on the fields of youth and organizational work, education, sports and physical education, rehabilitation, therapeutic work, social work, nursing and community development and business operations.

The master’s level studies of experiential learning and experiential and adventure education are specifically well-suited for youth work, work done in organizations, and professionals of education and social work who wish to strengthen their international, theoretical, development and research competences. The studies are also suited for students and professionals of educational, social, societal and health sciences and fields. They might also prove useful for people on the business and tourism sectors.

The studies don’t require a community educator degree or studies of adventure education, even though this background might prove useful. A bachelor’s degree from one of the aforementioned fields is recommended but not obligatory.

Metsämaisema, rinne, jossa kolme kiipeilyvarusteista henkilöä.
Picture: Emilia Reponen.

The Study Module Will be Available in Full in 2023

The other two courses (5 ECTS) belonging in the Experiential and Adventure Education module (15 ECTS) will be available in 2023.

– The names, contents and learning objectives of the courses will be confirmed during spring 2022. But it can already be stated that the other course focuses on the development of pedagogical practices on different environments and the other involves for example viewpoints of service design and entrepreneurship in adventure, experience, well-being, and nature activities, Anita Saaranen-Kauppinen states.

Sign up for the Studies on Our Online Store Before 3.1.2022

The enrollment and payment is done on Humak’s Online Store in which you can also find more information about the Experiential Learning and Society course and the amount of open spots it has.

The course costs 75 euros. Humak grants a 50 % discount of individual courses for the unemployed (starting from 1.1.2022), pensioners and Humak alumni.

Humak also offers Open UAS courses for the unemployed and furloughed free of charge. This only applies to enrollments done by 31.12.2021.


Text: Anita Saaranen-Kauppinen and Marika Stam.

Translation: Petra Karjalainen.

Pictures: Humak Adventure Education Archives.