Open UAS Online Store Opens on 1.8. at 12 P.M. – Get To Know Our Study Offer and Sign Up!

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Registration for Humak Open University of Applied Sciences starts in our online store at 12 P.M. on August 1, 2022. The study offer for the academic year 2022-2023 has already been published. Keep reading to find our list of tips for choosing your studies this fall and for making your purchase process go as smoothly as possible. Get ready to sign up and visit our online shop here.

Humak Open University of Applied Sciences offers over 200 study modules, courses and path studies both at bachelor’s level as well as master’s level. In order to make choosing and registering for studies as easy as possible, we put together a compilation of tips for those planning to start OUAS studies. We also introduce some of the studies offered in English.

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What Is Studying at the Open UAS Like?

Humak Open UAS offers many opportunities to develop a variety of skills. Open UAS offerings are especially suited for people thinking of a career change or people interested in developing their skill sets. Courses and study modules are also useful for when you are looking to supplement your existing skills.

Open UAS offers studies related to all Humak degrees; Cultural Manager (BA, MA), Interpreter (BA) and Community Educator (BA, MA). There are studies offered in Finnish, English and Swedish. The vast majority of studies are completed independently as online studies. Path studies offer both online and face-to-face teaching options. Open UAS studies are registered and paid for in our online store.

You can study at the Open UAS regardless of prior education of age. You can complete single courses or study modules consisting of many courses. Open UAS also offers introductory courses, path studies and studies leading up to degree studies. For flexible higher education, the studies are also affordable, costing only €75 per 5 ECTS.

Read more about studying at the Open UAS here.

Diverse Open UAS Study Offer This Fall

There is a diverse array of studies available at the Open UAS this fall that are offered in English. Here are a few examples:

Cultural Manager

Culture, Organisation & Sustainability Management (COSM) 15 ECTS (13.9.-20.12.2022)

  • COSM is the educational offer of harmonised three courses (3 x 5 ECTS) focused on cultural management and organizational change regarding a wide range of sustainability values.
  • COSM is a laboratory of sustainability focused cultural management teaching methods and social (community) impact tools, applied to cultural management and cultural organizations practices.


International Sign 5 ECTS (31.8.-30.12.2022)

  • The aim is for students to learn to use multimodal resources in their expression. The course introduces students to different sign languages.

International Competence for Interpreter 5 ECTS (31.08.-30.12.2022)

  • Learn about minority languages, status and communities of deaf people globally and the international disability rights movement. Learn to operate as a professional in multilingual and multicultural settings. Participate in international networks, events and debates.

Multimodal Interaction in Professional Contexts 3 ECTS (13.9.2022-19.8.2023)

  • The aim of this self-paced online course is to give an introduction on how to facilitate communication and promote linguistic accessibility when working with people whose access to interaction is challenged.

Language Courses

Suomea suomeksi edistyneille 5 ECTS (31.8.-30.12.2022)

  • This course is for those who know Finnish well, e.g. domestic language minorities and foreign speakers who have lived in Finland for a long time, whose skill level is B1-B2 on the skill level scale of the European framework of reference.
  • The course is suitable for students interested in social work, organizational work and youth work, whose mother tongue is not Finnish.

Swedish for Beginners 5 ECTS (1.9.-31.12.2022)

  • Students familiarize themselves with the most common Swedish phrases and learn basic vocabulary and grammar to be able to manage everyday situations in Swedish.

Tips for Registering

  • Registration will open at August 1 at 12 P.M. in our online store. The studies must be paid upon registration. You can already check out the study offer in advance. Read more about the registration and fees here.
  • Humak offers a 50% discount on most of the Open ÚAS studies for unemployed, laid off, and retired persons as well as Humak alumni. Certifications must be attached to the Open UAS Personal Information Form that must be filled in during registration.
  • Personal guidance is available for planning studies. The contact information of the lecturers of the courses and the PSP instructors of path studies can be found in our online store in the course descriptions.
  • Those who plan on participating in a lot of studies benefit from the personal payment cap, which is €300 for one academic year. Purchased studies are registered in the payment cap calculator in your personal account once your purchase has been processed. Read more about the terms of the payment cap here.
  • After processing the student and study information, we will send you login instructions via e-mail.
  • On our website, you can find the instructions for registering for path studies and the criteria for path studies.
  • The instructions for Open AMK students are compiled in the Student’s Guide.
  • In matters related to student administration, such as payments, registration, personal information form and transcripts of completed studies, our study secretaries answer questions at and 029 451 9230.
  • You can also ask for general instructions from the chat service on Humak’s website.

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Text: Mari Ervasti