The new Creve app is now available for download!


The new Creve mobile app offers you an easily available path to Creve’s services. You can keep updated on a variety of features, such as news, event invitations, our blog, available courses, and join Creve’s Zoom video channel.

You can also use the app to send direct feedback to the staff. The app is intended to be a helpful tool for entrepreneurs and service providers in the creative industries.

The first version of the Creve app is designed to help professionals in the creative industries to find existing services, to gain information about interesting events, and to network with like-minded people. For instance, Creve’s informational videos about the world of business, as well as various kinds of hub events are readily accessible via the application.

The Creve app provides support and community

Perhaps the most notable feature of the app is the ability to access Creve’s virtual meeting room on Zoom. The meeting room, which is open for anyone interested, is used to host group advisory meetings every Friday, as well as other kinds of Creve-related meetings. However, the Zoom meeting room is currently being developed to become a 24/7 meeting place for people who work in the creative industries.

The goal is to cooperate with Creve’s national network of specialists to build a calender that helps professionals from various parts of the country interact with one another freely. The application enables people to join meetings from any location; it is now possible to attend the Creve meetings e.g. while walking in the woods or sitting on a bus.Creve-app-services-english-humak.

Feedback is welcome

The creating process of a mobile application is a rather interesting learning journey. During a process like this, production includes the planning and envisioning the app’s features, in collaboration with specialists. The actual coding and construction of the app was naturally assigned to professionals.

As a consumer, one rarely considers all the different aspects that must be considered when creating a mobile app. What encourages the users to download the app? Can the Creve app provide actual value? Is the user experience pleasant and is the app responding to a real need?

Many of these questions will become clear in the future. All user experiences and feedback are valuable to us. We will collect feedback of this first version of the app and develop the interface based on the needs and observations that arise.

The original Finnish text: Benny Majabacka, lecturer.

Download the app!

The Creve app can be downloaded for free on Google Play Store and AppStore. Click the icon below to access the store.