Creativity and Business

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The work book has colourful illustrations

A business development workbook doesn´t have to be boring. Many creative people dreaming of entrepreneurship think that business language with balance sheets, marginal profits or registration numbers sounds like Hebrew. Humak has published a workbook that provides practical tools for business development in the creative sector. It is now available also in English and Swedish.

Practical tools for creative entrepreneurs-to-be

The workbook presents practical exercises that complete the theory of business development. It also includes hints and experiences of creative entrepreneurs. With the help of the exercises of the book you can test whether your idea is a viable product and if you have what it takes to become an entrepreneur.

The book has been designed as a support tool for business idea development in the creative industries. It is also suitable for anyone looking for practical information and exercises for business development, tells Anna Pikala, one of the writers of the workbook.

The authors have given hundreds of consultations to entrepreneus in the creative industries. Through this work they have noticed that for people in these industries concrete exercises and asking real questions is the best way to learn new things. The contents of the book have been put together on the basis of these existing examples.

The book has been written to inspire and encourage more people to start a business in the creative industries.

Why the creative industries need a dedicated book for business development

The business operation itself follows the same principles as in other industries – the idea is to make a profit. However, that is often the only similarity. Our experience suggests that in the creative industries, entrepreneurship often starts from a novel, unique idea. Usually it also means that the revenue logic and the production chain have to be created from scratch. Turning an abstract subject into a product is a challenge: how to convince financiers, suppliers and customers to buy a product that is not tangible or in any way familiar? The designer creates unique works of art one after another and all films should be different from those created earlier. The creative product is itself about imagination.

”I started my enterprise Studio General, because I wanted to do things better and have a good time,” tells Andy Pilke, digital media specialist, an entrepreneur in creative industries.

That is why we have made this book.

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