Tempo – Find Your Career In Finland

Tempo – Entrepreneurial Attitude and Working Life Skills for Migrants, Trained Professionals for Companies

Tempo is all about developing entrepreneurship and employment for migrants in Southwest Finland. The project is organized by Humak and the Federation of Finnish Enterprises in Southwest Finland.

Tempo Has Six Different Functions 

1) Developing migrants’ entrepreneurial attitude
2) Support for employers to find professionals with migrant backgrounds as employees
3) Support and guidance for migrant-led companies
4) Entrepreneurship training for migrants
5) Support for migrants in assimilating into work or area of employment
6) Support for entrepreneurship counselling services on how to work with migrant customers

Project offers counselling in cooperation with the city of Turku in the address Käsityöläiskatu 10, on Osaamispiste.

The project is funded by the European Social Fund.


Project manager: Jenny Honka
Emal: jenny.honka@humak.fi
Duration: 1.3.2019 – 28.2.2022
Partners: Varsinais-Suomen Yrittäjät
Funder: ESR
Budget: Kokonaisbudjetti 579 713 euroa/ Humakin osuus 457 389 euroa
Focus area:  

Read Tempo’s blog: http://tempo.humak.fi/

Contact Information:
Jenny Honka, jenny.honka@humak.fi 0400 349 243
Satu Riikonen (satu.riikonen@humak.fi) 040 0349 306
Hanna Tarvainen (hanna.tarvainen@yrittajat.fi) 040 7511 166
Laura Keihäs (laura.keihas@humak.fi) 050 5175542
Anna Pikala (anna.pikala@humak.fi) 040 0349 246