Universities Show Support for Ukraine – Peace of Mind Must Be Maintained in University Communities

Humak actively follows the situation in Ukraine and assesses its impact on the university’s operations. We work together with other universities of applied sciences. The war has no direct impact on Humak’s regular operations and we offer our students and staff a peaceful environment to study and work in.

Universities of Applied Sciences Show Their Support for Ukraine

Universities of applied sciences have expressed their support for Ukraine and its university community together through the Rectors’ Conference of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences Arene. Arene condemns Russia’s hostilities and violations of international law in Ukraine.

Arene considers it important that peace of mind be maintained in university communities despite the international situation. Universities of applied sciences seek to strengthen this peaceful environment by providing support for students and staff.

The ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine deeply affects everyone and creates insecurity in the Finnish university community as well. It is reprehensible to blame individuals for the situation because of their nationality or origin, says Arene’s chairwoman Mervi Vidgrén.

There are several Ukrainian students in Finland, but to our knowledge, there are no Finnish students in Ukraine. Students in Russia have been informed of the situation.

Follow Humak’s Internal Communications for Information on Support Offered to Students and Staff

Humak will keep students and staff informed of how the situation in Ukraine progresses and the possible effects on Humak’s operations. Information on support offered to staff and students is communicated through our internal communication channels.

Yellow banner of two doves that symbolize peace amid the situation in Ukraine. Arene and Humak's logos are in the middle.