Virtual Learning and Event Venue Vevent Worlds – Launching 17.11.


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The goal of Vevent is to produce information, networks, and skills to ensure virtual events as a possible business venture especially for professionals in the field of culture who have not yet utilized XR-technology.

The newest innovation in this project is Vevent Worlds, a virtual teaching space for event management on AltSpace. It is available for all teachers of event and cultural management.

Vevent Worlds consists of four completely different event spaces which bring the learner and the teacher to the heart of virtual event management. The meticulously planned spaces are designed for different kinds of events and purposes and they provide a concrete starting point for the world of virtual events and they answer many of the questions too hard to be answered on writing or on a lecture – you must experience it for yourself.

You can find pictures and introductions of the various virtual spaces here. (in Finnish)


Virtuaalinen tapahtuma- ja opetustila, jossa mustanharmaita pilvenpiirtäjiä ja Vevent-kuva mainosruudulla.
Innovation Plaza, one of the spaces forming the virtual event and learning space Vevent Worlds.

The space itself can be accessed during MatchXR17.-18.11.2021. MatchXR is the biggest annual XR event in the Nordics. XR aka extended reality consists of AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality). The MatchXR speakers and panelists are leading experts from the field of XR.

The launch of Vevent Worlds is on 17.11. at 10 on Zoom and you can follow it both in Finnish and in English. Sign up for the launch here. Find more information about the launch on Vevent Worlds – a VR venue for learning virtual event production.

Registration for MatchXR is also open here. The event is free of charge.

The event can be followed on AltSpaceVR with the code UPF219 AND it is also streamed on Youtube. 


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