Humak – Innovative, international and very Finnish

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Humak – Innovative, international and very Finnish

Hanna Kiuru & Kim Lindblad (eds.)

Humak University of Applied Sciences is a Finnish university of applied sciences, operating through a network of campuses, that offers studies in three focus areas. These are community education, cultural management, and interpreting and linguistic accessibility. Humak is the largest provider of education in its focus areas in Finland and a renowned expert in these fields in Europe.

The aim of this publication is to describe Humak’s wide-ranging operations and multidisciplinary expertise, which makes it an internationally competitive university and a desired partner for collaboration. The first part discusses Humak’s pedagogical approach and how to coach students for their future working life. It also includes students’ thoughts about their studies at Humak and their professional dreams.

The second part explores Humak’s expertise and studies in its three focus areas. Each focus area includes a clear vision for the future concerning how to operate in a way that generates future competences and enables continuous participation in the development of working life. We cooperate closely with representatives of the focus areas to ensure that our studies match the requirements of future working life. The third part focuses on Humak’s degree programmes in English even though these programmes are integrated with the activities of the focus area in question.

The fourth part discusses Humak’s RDI activities and their objectives through example projects. These activities develop the expertise and operating models of both Humak and working life operators. In the epilogue, the President/CEO of Humak Jukka Määttä takes a look at the future.

The editors hope this Humak – Innovative, international and very Finnish -publication gives the reader a clear overview of Humak’s important role as an international education provider and player in development in its fields.

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Kim Lindblad & Hanna Kiuru: Introduction

Our way of teaching and studying

Päivi Marjanen: Our pedagogical approach
Hanna-Kaisa Hokkanen: Preparing our students for the global labour market
Hanna-Kaisa Hokkanen & Kim Lindblad: What does it mean to be a full-time student at Humak in Finland?
Laura Keihäs: Learning together – International virtual exchange project during the time of Covid-19

Our fields of expertise

Kim Lindblad & Reijo Viitanen: Community Education
Katri Kaalikoski: Arts and Cultural Management
Tytti Luoma: Interpreting and Linguistic Accessibility

International studies at Humak

Anita Saaranen-Kauppinen: Bachelor’s Degree in Adventure and Outdoor Education
Liisa Halkosaari: Master’s recipe – developing interpreting with European cooperation
Timo Sorvoja: Students’ experiences of Humak’s Erasmus+ exchange programmes

RDI-activities and student participation

Timo Parkkola: RDI activities at Humak
Mikko Äärynen: Visual Sign News – For European deaf people with difficulties in accessing news in written form
Marja Eskel: Towards equal participation with the KUVAKO project
Kari Keuru: Innovation in youth work – Future Labs solves the challenges of the future
Päivi Rainò, Florjan Rojba, Eduard Ajas & Klisman Ibrahimi: Conducting demographic research among Albanian deaf people
Nina Luostarinen: Lights on! – Highlighting castle ruins and student innovation
Anna Pikala: Advice in one’s own language and recruitment events arranged with companies
Hanna Kiuru: Hundred apple trees and increasing participation
Benny Majabacka: CREVE – For the creative mind
Minna Hult: Get active with ToiMeen!

Future perspectives

Jukka Määttä: Humak’s vision

Humak - Innovative, international and very Finnish.

Kiuru, Hanna & Lindblad, Kim (eds.)
Humak – Innovative, international and very Finnish

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Humak University of Applied Sciences Publications 126.
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Photograph: Joni Kuusisto